Amanda Abate joins Gold Coast Beach Parade


Sunday Mail

Amy Price

May 9


Amanda Abate thought she was prepared for motherhood when she welcomed her first child in January but, celebrating her first Mother’s Day today, she’s taking stock of how much her life has changed. The Channel 7 Gold Coast presenter welcomed son Bobby in early January, going into early labour hours after her own baby shower.

“It’s been amazing but really hard as well,” Abate told Confidential of becoming a parent.

“You think, I’ve been really busy my whole life, climbed the ladder, I’m organised, I can get everything done to a deadline, and you think those skills will translate, but they really don’t .

“I was starting from scratch and it’s all selfless. That was the biggest lesson.

“I never thought of myself as a selfish person, but my whole life has been about doing whatever I want and suddenly it’s all about Bobby, so that was a huge adjustment.”

Having returned to work on the Channel 7 news desk one day a week this month, Abate said she and husband Brent Beauchamp were in a routine with Bobby and trying to “soak up every minute” .

“He’s almost four months (old) and he’s just an absolute delight now. He wakes up with a huge smile on his face,” she said, adding she would spend Mother’s Day with her mother and mother-in-law today.

“It’ll be a really special day. I’m sure Bobby has something special planned for me. Waking up and seeing his smile is enough for me.”

Next Sunday, Abate will join a long list of celebrities including Mick Fanning, Lincoln Lewis, Hayley Bateup, Melina Vidler and Liz Cantor at the Gold Coast Beach Parade, raising money for the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation and their efforts to save the koalas. Open to the public with a $25 donation, the group is attempting to break a world record for the greatest number of people in koala-ear visors in a beach parade.