Fund My Challenge

Fund My Challenge

About our event partner Fund My Challenge

Why We Exist – First and foremost Fund My Challenge exists to make a difference and to help charities, causes and people in need.

Fund My Challenge directs funds to where they are needed most, and we achieve this by working closely with our Charity partners, all of whom have passed a stringent vetting process.

We have identified that donors deserve and increasingly want to know that the money they are donating, is actually being utilised to assist the cause which originally caught their attention and tugged on their heart-strings. Fund My Challenge has established stringent vetting processes to ensure that your contributions aren’t being used to pay over inflated fees and wages, or on exorbitant travel expenses.

The partnership will GemLife Gold Coast Beach Parade will see Fund My Challenge kick off an extended drive to continue to raise funds for the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital over the next few months.

May 12, 2021In Gold Sponsor