Moana Bikini

Moana Bikini

The reason we exist is to bring women together and remind you all – each and every day – that you are truly beautiful inside and out, just the way you are. Members of The Moana Army support, empower, inspire and motivate each other. 

Being a part of The Moana Army, you are at the forefront of a positive movement of female empowerment and inclusivity, centred around the utilisation of Social Media as a positive force for change.

Moana Babes smile, laugh and live life to the full, supporting and lifting each other up along the way. Let’s empower each other and encourage self confidence.

We began in 2011 with a simple desire to create beautiful, cheeky-cut bikinis with bright, bold and entirely unique, exclusive prints… but Moana Bikini has become so much more than that and we’re so happy you’ve come along for the ride!

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February 24, 2021In Designers

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